Man Who Dies to Live – 죽어야 사는 남자

Man Who Dies to Live - 죽어야 사는 남자 - Episode 01 (English subtitles)
The King Loves - 왕은 사랑한다

Description: In the late 1970’s, Jang Dal Goo (Choi Min Soo)went to the Middle East and settled down in the small kingdom. He then became Count Souad Fahd Ali and found success there. One day, he returnsto South Korea and appears in front of his daughter Lee Ji Young (Kang Ye Won) who is married and is an aspiring writer. Meanwhile, Kang Ho Rim (Shin Sung Rok)is his son-in-law who has a great looking appearance and works as an ordinary salaryman. The drama will be a funny and warm comedy, that willhighlight the importance of a family.

Language: Korea
Country: Korea
Times: 24 Episodes
Release: 19 July 2017
Director: Go Dong Sun
Cast: Choi Min Soo, Kang Ye Won, Shin Sung Rok, Lee So Yeon, Cho Tae Kwan
Genre: Comedy, Family