Family Man – 絕世好爸

Heroic Legend of the Yang's Family - 碧血青天楊家將
Don Juan DeMercado - 情人眼裏高一D


Description: Ko Hoi (Paul Chun) is a widower who raised his four daughters alone. He is also a retired police officer who still participates as a saxophonist in the policeman band. Besides being a devoted father who still cares for his daughters, he is constantly worried about their lives, romances and happiness. Oldest daughter Wasabi Ko Yuk Yee (Jay Lau), works as a facial specialist at a spa. She is unreasonable and quick temper, the only daughter that is married. Her and her husband Wong Jun Kit constantly argue due to Wasabi’s paranoia to keep tabs on him, but he loves her non-less and obeys to her every rules. Second daughter Tracy Ko Pui Yee (Flora Chan) is a toy designer and workaholic. She has been dating her business partner Ken Hui Sing Chi (Savio Tsang), who co-owns a toy company with her, for many years which leads to Hoi constantly pushing the two to get married. But due to Ken’s ambition to build their company he continues to put off marriage. Third daughter Bobo Ko Bo Yee (Sonija Kwok) has extremely high standards for a potential boyfriend. Due to her pickiness her relationships never last long. She is a journalist who is known to write articles without holding back and doesn’t care who she offends, earning her the nickname “fire cracker” from her colleagues. Then there is youngest daughter Polly Ko Chui Yee (Myolie Wu) who is a college senior. She lives a carefree life. Being cute and pretty she constantly courted by guys.

Tracy’s meets Ken’s cousin Kelvin when he invest in their company and become a shareholder. Suddenly Ken disappears when the company is in financial troubles. During this time Kelvin and his friend Dai Gwong Ming (Michael Tong) gets evicted from their apartment and they end up moving into an apartment across from the Ko family. The Ko sisters are not happy with the arrangement since it would mean they will have to see them more often then they wanted. Kelvin initially tries to back out of his share of the company to avoid paying off any debt the toy company has occurred. However seeing it as a lost for him if he walks away he eventually works with Tracy, the two accomplishes on putting the company back on track when they get a contract in a business deal. Working together closely the two eventually develops respect and feelings for each other. But suddenly Ken comes back.

Bobo and Ming also coincidentally work at the same news press. The two do not get along at since Ming is Bobo’s nemesis, but the two eventually become friends because of their shared hatred for her nemesis. Ming also eventually fall in love with Bobo after getting to her but when she gets fired from her job, Kelvin uses his connections to try to get her another job. Seeing Kelvin scramble for her she falls in love with him and confesses her feelings. Seeing Ken and Tracy resume their relationship he accepts Bobo and the two start dating. Ming who does is heartbroken but does not want to interfere on Kelvin and Bobo keeps his feelings for Bobo quiet. However Polly who has a crush on Ming starts hanging around him, but Ming makes it clear that he is not interested in her.

Meanwhile, Wasabi and Kit’s marriage are on the rocks due to Wasabi’s constant nagging that Ken is useless and does not make enough money. The two eventually separate and during this time Kit meets and starts dating a women who seems like the perfect girlfriend. Kit soon finds out that the women he is dating is possessive and mentally unstable. She pushes Kit to divorce Wasabi or else she will hurt him or Wasabi.
Language: Cantonese
Production company(s): TVB
Country: Hong Kong
Times: 20 Episodes
Release Date: 2002
Cast: Paul Chun, Flora Chan, Moses Chan, Sonija Kwok, Michael Tong