Lost in Love – 大囍之家

The Stunt - 特技人
No Love Left In...Tainan - 愛情沒有來的時候

Description: The owner of a Chinese bridal gown shop, LEE TIM LUK (CHUN PUI), loses his wife in his younger days. LUK has brought up his children CHUNG YAN (CHAN MIU YING) and CHUNG YIN (NG KA LOK) and the three of them live a peaceful life. LUK meets a woman, TSE SHUK MEI (SO YUK WAH) and soon falls in love with her.LIN TIN WAI (LUI CHUNG YIN) has lost his feeling for his wife, YAN. WAI is madly attracted to a young photographer, KO NAM (NG WING MEI) and has decided to ask YAN for a divorce. YIN has been in love with HIU YEE (HO KA LEE) since their teens. However, once HIU YEE has met CHU HAK YUNG (WU LOK YIN), the long steady love relationship between her and YIN begins to deteriorate. YAN’s good friend, PAK CHI (YUEN KIT YING) has been cheated by her ex-boyfriend, YEUNG TING KIN (LO HING FAI) who is after money and therefore has a phobia about love affairs. She feels hesitant about SHUM LAP SAM (SO CHI WAI)’s rapturous wooing. WAI’s elder brother, TIN LOK (LEE CHI HUNG) operates a bridal shop. He is rich and has lots of girlfriends. He spends much time indulging his passion for his ex-wife, CHING SHAN, his current wife, FEI FEI and the new girl friend, KUNG WAI.For all relationships and marriages, how many will work? How many lovers and couples will stay together forever? Every modern love story reflects contemporary people’s philosophy of love and marriage, which is permeated with insincerity, and reminds us that every successful love relationship or marriage is based on mutual trust, faith and understanding.

李添祿為裙褂店老闆,妻子辭世多年,亦無再婚念頭,直至遇上謝淑美。淑美是釋囚,添祿因同情其遭遇,遂讓淑美在其裙褂店裏工作,更與淑美發展出一段黃婚戀。正因添祿對裙褂的一針一線都有感情,故不願與師弟天樂經營的婚紗店合作,抗拒將裙褂機械化、工業化。 添祿有一子一女,長女頌恩安於平淡的婚姻生活,察覺不到婚姻背後的暗湧,頌恩丈夫連天偉已厭倦工作和婚姻,遇上志趣相投的攝影女助手高嵐,遂熱烈追求高嵐,後更與頌恩弄致離婚收場。添祿次子頌賢與何曉儀相戀多年,合資買樓結婚,卻遇上金融風暴,二人雖常為此而爭執,但仍無損兩口子的感情。 天偉兄天樂經常周旋在前妻呂靜珊、現任妻子劉飛飛及情人鞏慧之間,盡享齊人之福,直至生意失敗,才發現一直支持自己的只有靜珊。頌恩之好友趙柏芝,對男友楊定堅情深一往,更資助定堅到外國留學,可惜定堅卻見異思遷,轉而追求法律世家出身的唐亦舒。柏芝經此打擊,對愛情失去信心,隨後卻遇上充滿情趣的電腦奇才岑立三,但對立三卻保持戒心,幸立三體諒包容,二人終於步入教堂。

Language: Cantonese
Production company(s): TVB
Country: Hong Kong
Times: 20 Episodes
Release Date: 2000
Cast: Fannie Yuen, Yew Ying Ying, Mariane Chan, Jackie Lui, Christine Ng, Chun Pui, Lei Chi Hung