Misleading Track – 奪命真夫

Heartstrings - 烈火狂奔
Bluetick - 已读不回

Description: Freedom – lost, then regained. Truth – hidden, then unveiled? Five years ago, Hong Kong citizen YAN TING (SO YUK WAH, LOUISA) was wrongly found guilty of murdering her husband LAU KAI CHUNG (WAN SIU LUN, DERIC) in Taiwan. TING is released and returns to Hong Kong. She still believes in justice and has faith in regaining what has been stripped from her. She is shocked when she meets a man BEN YUEN (also played by WAN SIU LUN, DERIC) who looks exactly like CHUNG. However, CHUNG was certified dead in Taiwan. TING is completely bewildered at BEN’s existence. The truth is slowly revealed. TING decides to strike back. BEN sets TING up for jail again. Fortunately, she meets a warm-hearted lawyer LEO LAW (LAM, BOWIE). LEO works hard on her case. His effort seems to have paid off when he digs further into the truth. The real relationship between BEN and CHUNG is revealed and hits TING like a thunderbolt. BEN liaises with LEO’s good friend RAYMOND YAU (TSANG WAI KUEN) to fight LEO and TING. They gradually drag LEO further into the case, ruining both his career and marriage. LEO, who always believes in justice, is forced to associate with BEN. TING’s faith in life is challenged. She hesitates between justice and revenge. Finally, she makes a decision.

Language: Cantonese
Production company(s): TVB
Country: Hong Kong
Times: 20 Episodes
Release Date: 2005
Cast: Bowie Lam, Deric Wan, Louisa So, Christine Ng