I’m Home (Cantonese) – 回家的鎖匙

I'm Home (Cantonese) - 回家的鎖匙 - Episode 01
Limit (Cantonese)

imhomeDescription: Hisashi Ieji (Takuya Kimura) works for a securities company. 5 years ago, Hisashi Ieji had an accident at the place where he was sent to work. Due to the accident, his recent memories have become blurred. He also doesn’t have any feelings for his wife Megumi Ieji (Aya Ueto) or 4-year-old son. To him, its like his wife and son are wearing masks. Hisashi Ieji does have fond memories for his ex-wife and daughter. He divorced his ex-wife 5 years ago. To find out what happened to him for the past 5 years, Hisashi Ieji goes on a trip to find himself and he takes 10 mysterious keys.
Language: Cantonese
Country: Japan
Director: Go Shichitaka, Naomi Tamura